Johanna Grawunder per / for Galerie Italienne

Paris, 2006

Polished steel, painted iron

The entrance of a historic Parisian building now used for offices was approached by Johanna Grawunder as an opportunity to experiment with a luminous installation to construct an emotional itinerary of great impact. Beside the staircase two facing rows of five quadrangular slope-adjustable panels of mirror-finish steel, backlit and attached to the wall on a central pivot, create a variable geometric pattern that forms a poetic contrast to the rigid walled enclosure, offering a very effective sequence. Once inside the glass door, the entrance space features a large chromium-plated ring, slightly inclined toward the interior, functioning as a central chandelier, creating an aura of light that extends to the ceiling from the internal border, thanks to a system of vertical incisions made on the back of the structure, from which the light of the Leds hidden inside the metal body emerges. In the next space, open to the garden, four steel partitions reach the ceiling, marking the corners of the architectural space, following the inlay of the black strip on the floor and projecting the light towards the wall, visually erasing the orthogonal connection between the walls with a luminous halo.

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