Piotr Uklan´ski, Galleria Massimo De Carlo

Villa Manin, Passariano, Codroipo, Udine, 2007

Iron tubes of different sizes (ø 14 cm, ø 17 cm), sanded and galvanized, with irregular black paint finish

In the context of the established project “Sculptures in the Park” of the Contemporary Art Center of Villa Manin at Passariano Codroipo, in the province of Udine, in the summer of

2007 four new sculptures were installed by internationally acclaimed artists. In keeping with the goal of making the park of the Villa, the last residence of the doge conserved over time, into an interactive place capable of offering constantly changing scenarios, intertwining art and history, among the various creative talents involved the Polish artist Piotr Uklan´ski, in collaboration with Galleria Massimo De Carlo of Milan, proposed a surprising image. A large open hand, similar in scale and message to the rotating sculpture made by Le Corbusier in India at Chandigarh (the “city of silver”), capital of Punjab, inside the monumental complex of the Parliament. The work by Uklan´ski, in metal tubing of different sizes, custom-made by Marzorati Ronchetti, emerges from the lawn and embraces, from the vantage point of the park, the long façade of the Villa. The open hand intentionally plays with the ambiguity of its message: the open fingers may suggest a greeting to welcome visitors at the entrance, but they may also seem like a desperate call for help, or a symbol of a gesture of force and power of a threatening hidden giant. Untitled (Thing) as metonymy of an individual with neither face nor body, to symbolize and amplify the fears, paradoxes and contradictions of contemporary society.

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