Studio Droulers Architecture

New York, 2008-2009

Shiny and matte bronze-plated brass, bronze, painted aluminum

On the upper level of a prestigious residential building facing Central Park in New York, the studio Droulers Architecture has created a luxurious penthouse. The guidelines of the project, in tune with the character of the building, involved the contemporary revision of European Art Deco with the aesthetics of the 1930s in America, avoiding an approach of pure revival and instead attempting to blend the atmosphere of that era with a contemporary sensibility capable of offering a high level of comfort without sacrificing the recognizable character of the present. Within this complex design orchestration and refined materic-chromatic palette, Marzorati Ronchetti has produced certain metal parts that become the identifying features of the project. First of all, the large sliding doors, a redesign and tribute to the ones designed by the architect Piero Portaluppi for Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan (1932–35), done for this New York penthouse in plaques of bronze-plated brass, mounted in an effective relationship of solids and voids. The same geometric shifts are repeated in the door made with aluminum plaques, painted white, alternating with portions in bronze-plated brass, and in the entrance door with a more complex design, almost an abstract artwork composed of interlocking shiny and matte plates of the same material. Strips of bronze have been inserted in the wooden flooring, and the same substance has also been used for the large round table on the terrace, with a Bisazza mosaic top.

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